Your Final Destination: Delta

Career Advancement Program

Endeavor Air's new Career Advancement Program (CAP) provides our pilots with a guaranteed and direct career pathway to Delta - no testing or interview required. To be eligible for CAP, pilots will be required to spend a minimum of 4.5 years of active service at Endeavor, with 24 months as Captain.





Who is eligible for CAP?

Any Endeavor pilot hired on or after June 4, 2021, is eligible.



If I start at Endeavor, how soon will I go to Delta?

Pilots will be eligible to go to Delta in as soon as 4.5 years, depending on how many pilots Delta hires each month. Pilots must spend a minimum of 54 months of active service at Endeavor.



What are the criteria for participating in the program?

To be eligible, a pilot must:

-Serve 54 months of active service at Endeavor, with 24 of those months as a captain

-Have no DUIs within the last 10 years

-Have no less than an honorable discharge from the military

-Submit to a background check, finger printing and drug testing

Additionally, pilots must meet certain requirements related to training records, disciplinary letters, attendance and reliability to be eligible for the program.



Are pilots required to have a four-year college degree to be eligible?

A college degree is recommended, but not required for participation in the program.



Can a pilot still try for an Off the Street interview at Delta?

Pilots currently or potentially eligible for the CAP may choose to interview with Delta as an OTS candidate, but if they are not successful, they will no longer be eligible for CAP advancement. 





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