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Delta Guaranteed Interview Program

Endeavor Air is the only regional carrier to offer pilots a defined career path to Delta Air Lines. Each month, the names of 24 eligible Endeavor pilots will be submitted to Delta as part of the Delta Guaranteed Interview (DGI) Program.

In January 2020, we launched an Enhanced DGI Program with improvements that give Endeavor pilots an even stronger advantage over Off-the-Street candidates for Delta pilot jobs.


  • No Job Knowledge Testing – JKT testing is no longer required for Endeavor DGI pilot candidates, eliminating much of the “homework” for pilot candidates preparing for their Delta interview.

  • Preferential Scoring Credit – In recognition of the unique and valuable contribution Endeavor pilots make to the Delta brand, Delta applies a preferential scoring credit for our pilots during the panel interview, giving them advantages above other candidates.

  • DGI Repeat Opportunity – A DGI pilot candidate who successfully completes portions of the Delta selection process in his/her first attempt, but who does not receive a CJO, will only be required to submit and successfully pass the portions of the Delta selection process that were failed as part of his or her repeat opportunity. 

Offered exclusively to Endeavor pilots, the DGI Program puts you ahead of thousands of external candidates on your path to flying at Delta.


Questions? Contact our Pilot Outreach Team at 612-266-1470 or


Program Requirements Include:

Serve 18 months as an Endeavor Captain

Maintain excellent employment record during career at Endeavor

Apply & meet Delta’s hiring requirements

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