What is Endeavor's most junior base?

As of August 2021, our most junior bases are DTW and CVG. Currently,
new hire pilots have the possibility of being based at any of our 5 domiciles.

Pilot seniority, most junior by base

ATL  -   Captain: 1/22/18              FO: 6/14/21

CVG  -   Captain: 2/12/18               FO: 6/7/21

DTW  -    Captain: 9/17/18           FO: 6/21/21

MSP  -   Captain: 10/29/18            FO: 6/21/21

NYC  -   Captain: 9/4/18            FO: 3/2/20   



What is the current upgrade time at Endeavor Air?

The current Captain upgrade time is approximately 3.5 years from date of hire. 



What benefits do you offer to commuters?

Endeavor’s commuter policy mirrors Delta’s.  Positive space travel is offered to all pilots when commuting to their base to report to work.



Do you offer any new hire bonuses?

Yes, all new hires receive a $10,000 training completion bonus upon completion of OE.



How many hours do I need to be able to interview with Endeavor?

We are happy to interview candidates that are within 6 months of their ATP minimum hours. Applications can be submitted prior and we will maintain your materials until you are ready to interview.



What can I expect at my interview?

Your final interview will be conducted by one of our current pilots and an HR professional. Log books will be thoroughly reviewed for accuracy, flight history, and professionalism. The interview includes a work history and background review, behavior-based questions as well as technical questions.



Does Endeavor pay for ATP-CTP?

Yes — Endeavor can help well-qualified pilot candidates finish up their ATP-CTP certification process by providing company-paid training with our ATP training partner. Hotel and transportation is also provided by Endeavor.



Is there a uniform allotment? When will I receive my uniform?

The company will pay half (1/2) of the cost of the initial Pilot uniform items ordered during your first week of initial training. You can pay the remaining cost through payroll deduction (minimum $15.00) or by paying cash. After Year 1, each pilot is given a uniform allotment of $240.



Do you have Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs)? Who pays for it?

Endeavor Air utilizes the 10.2” iPad (7th Generation) with T-Mobile data plans as electronic flight bags. All pilots are issued an iPad on the first day of training.