Offering Unprecedented Pilot Pay

Endeavor pilots are leading the way with the best hourly pilot pay in the regional airline industry. From our industry-changing first-year rates, to rates that increase as you grow your career, Endeavor pilots will earn more money faster. No asterisks or fine print.  

How Much Will I Earn?


- $51.42/hr first-year starting pay rate

- 75-hour monthly guarantee

- $10,000 training completion bonus

- Per diem pay of $1.85 per hour while on assignment

- Unassigned flying can be picked up at 150% pay

- 100% Deadhead Pay and 100% Cancellation Pay

- Quarterly Operational Performance Recognition incentives  

- Captain upgrades at less than 24 months,
even faster for pilots with previous Part 121 experience.

 - Third-year Captain pay rate of $97.94/hr

Earn More. Now.