Regional Pathway Employee (RPE) Program

Pathway to Delta

The Regional Pathway Employee (RPE) program offers Endeavor technicians an exclusive opportunity to advance their careers to Delta Air Lines. This program is something no other airline in the world offers.

The RPE Program allows qualifying AMTs to secure their spot at the table for an interview ahead of the thousands of off-the-street (OTS) candidates. Endeavor employees may be hired as either Aircraft Support Mechanics (ASM) or Aircraft Maintenance Technicians (AMT).



●  Have a valid A&P license


●  Have a positive employment record with Endeavor


●  Submit a request to Endeavor to be a part of the RPE program after 18 months of employment


● Commit to completing at least 24 months as an Endeavor AMT


Qualified technicians must successfully complete and pass the required DeltaTech Ops testing and the Delta Air Lines employment application. Technicians must meet all RPE program and Delta ASM and AMT pre-employment and job requirements.